Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

"orgy of admiration"

way back when a community member told me how scott stringer ( a complete waste of tax payer money) was praising community board 3) at the time the chair was David McWater and he owns a lot of bars -- I call him the bar czar and he being chair was a huge conflict of interest and there were other conflicts as well...

so when I heard it was a praise fest while our community was being crushed by over the top development including NYU, Cooper Union, hoteliers, sky piercing condos and one on land leased by Cooper Union that has nothing to do with higher ed just higher real estate greed plus
let us not forget the brutal rapes and murders of Imette St. Giullen and Jennifer Moore who was underage and out drinking in a Chelsea Club...

I was so repulsed I said -- it was an orgy of admiration
a club

and the people are not being represented. On the Lower East Side Bars and Clubs are a huge quality of life issue.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Sex...

Great sex is like a great conversation you never went to end...

YouTubeland Clayton Patterson made that up in front of me

When all my YouTubes were removed and I was banned Clayton came up with the term YouTubeland. I was banned from YouTubeland.

media fast food

another Suzannah B. Troy term

I am a good girl. Even when I am bad, I am really, really good!

Mae West is my idol and I am a good girl. This is for you Mae. I am a good girl but when even when I am bad, I am really, really good!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

nose orgasms

I was visiting a bed and breakfast and the garden smelled delicious!

I sad to a new friend...
I am having nose orgasms!
My friend said, you are lucky, most people have allergies!


still going strong

all the negative "isms" still going strong....hard to believe we are a modern culture


A blogger that stalks you --

Sub-zero trickle down

Another term I made up inspired by Mike Bloomberg and his administration....


Death is a vacation.
I don't believe death is something to fear. Death is peace. The ultimate peace and it seems American's have the most unhealthy ideas about almost everything including sex and death.
Both are natural and American's are anti-both.

Geo-sexual politics

Geo-Sexual Politics is a term that means world sexual politics or we ain't equal.

Women come in one size, ....beautiful

Women come in one size....beautiful.

Orgasms come in one size...beautiful.

I do not think The New York Times Art Section knew they were sliding a double entrendre on orgasm for me but thank you Arts Section. Mae West would have been proud of me.