Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"On Script" "Off Script" terms I made up to describe media reporting on mayor bloomberg

May 4, 2009 YouTube I made said don't believe what the press is reporting....Bloomberg may not win do to voter anger.

The night of the election the media finally had to go "off script" and report the truth.

The election was too close to call.

Monday, December 20, 2010

"mini-Madoffs" CityTime debacle mini-Bernie Madoffs

All the crooks of CityTime have yet to be exposed but the ones accused of stealing 80 million of tax payer money I call "mini-Bernie Madoffs" because they only stole mega-millions. The only reason they did not steal billions is they couldn't get the hands on billions -- at least not yet.

Lucky they have been busted the ones yet to be caught are no going to have a harder time because the money has been cut off or people are actually paying attention!

Renamed "political machine" "political industry" trading favors for money...definitely an industry not just a machine

I was stunned and greatly upset watching the documentary on Lobbyist Jack Adamoff , lobbyist, and Congress, I made up the term "political industry" because I saw their dealings in the documentary as pure evil, big business at it's worst at the expense of so many people it was sickening....

"political industry" -- political industry -- pay to play -- trading "favors" for money....an industry not a machine....

"I renamed political machine-political industry like "porn industry" but the porn industry has screwed a lot less people."

Political Industry = favors....pay to play

Economic Tsunami + Mike Bloomberg tsunami of community crushing development

I made up the term economic tsunami in honor of Mike Bloobmerg tsunami of community crushing development!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy Emotional Nudist on the art process "Turning your soul inside out -- wearing your soul on the outside -- the canvas

This guy visited my website
I didn't hyper link so that means um you have to copy and paste or just type it!

and he looked at my art work and said you are emotionally naked --

the art process for me is about wearing your soul on the outside....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York

As soon as he started throwing around slush money for his third term -- I made up the term...I created a blog with the name...I went to Apple and asked them to teach me how to make a video and post on youtube.....

Oct. 2, 2008 my first YouTube revisiting Mike Bloomberg and Term Limits



Economic Apartheid NYC Soho inspired the term

Soho NYC Economic Apartheid between the haves and the have nots...in Soho it is easiest to see because Soho has grown so rich it has a Beverly Hills quality. Soho has lost it's soul.

Note the haves uses the NYPD but in reality the NYPD fall in to the have not category. The NYPD have perhaps the toughest policing job in America considering our city has been the victim of two terrorists attacks down at the WTC and they were the first but the last but mass murder but the NYPD is not well paid at all so they fall in to the have nots.