Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Denial is the new crack cocaine...

I made up this term to describe so many politicians from Albany to City Hall to the senate....
a few examples....Rangel. Bloomberg, Steve Rattner, Pedro Espada, Seabrook, Arroyo mother and daughter, etc. etc. etc.
the people are screwed......

NYPD community affairs, Internal Affairs, affairs, affairs, affairs

I am a supporter of the NYPD although sometimes the NYPD doesn't make it easy. I do have great admiration for the honest police. They are brave and it is a tough job.

I do have to make a joke though.....

Have you noticed they always use the term "affairs"

Community affairs could have been named "Community Relations" and Internal Affairs could have been name "Internal Investigations", affairs, affairs, affairs..

king Mike Bloomberg kicks of his "ticket terrorism program"

ticket terrorism

I made that up inspired by Mike Bloomberg....


mega-dorm made the term up to describe NYU busting through our neighborhood's protective zoning.

My famous phrase:

NYU mega-dormed the East Village to death.

NYU the evil empire

When NYU started tearing down our historic buildings and mega dorming the East Village to death I made up this term.

Amanda the peoples' Burden

I did not make up this term to describe New York City's worse city planner ever, socialite mega-millionaire Amanda Burden. I read the term on Queens Crap by an anonymous commentor.

People now associate me with the term and the love it! Some had no idea who she is but now they do thanks to my many blog postings and YouTubes on her.

Thanks Queens Crap! You rock and so do some of your commentors!