Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christine Quinn Quotes Mini-me my work NYTimes but I am not credited

I created Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me and I was quoted minus my name in The NYTimes

Money Mule

A phrase I coined to describe Team Bloomberg and king mike funneling money -- made it up during Haggerty trial

YouTube Documentary Series

I knew I wanted to make a film on my Iphone and I realized all along I was -- I was making a series of YouTube documentaries starting with Giuseppi Logan.

I started calling all my work YouTube documentaries starting with Mayor Bloomberg King of New York and when I apply for revenue sharing I say on going YouTube documentary series....

Again I coined a phrase and now it has been picked up.

I am flattered.

What we have are a lot of NYC YouTube documentary series don’t we? Many are series that media has blacked out and will have great significance in the future especially had the media non-reported or blacked out the the face I made a YouTube in my series -- don’t believe the media -- Mike Bloomberg may not win because of Voter Anger and I made that almost half a year before the election and I was right.

My first YouTube Documentary Series: “Mayor Bloomberg King of New York” which also happen to be my 1st YouTube and before the election I believe Mike Bloomberg’s thugs removed my YouTube channel as well as did a series of actions to make people fearful of commenting on my channel.

Now I am focusing on how Mike Bloomberg and his deputy mayors past and present along with money mules have been given immunity by Cy Vance.

YouTube, facebook and twitter have given us an opportunity to communicate what the press/media won’t and the YouTubes are there for future audiences.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Techno-Sex Addict: Anthony Weiner

Techno-Sex Addict
Techno-Sex Addiction

Anthony Weiner

Techno-Sex addiction requires no actually sex with another party...most likely masturbation, obsessive use of the computer, phone for texting and photographing as well as phone sex and any and all technology to serve the sexual addiction which is used as a form of anxiety and escapism.

The techno-sex addict is willing to destroy his or her’s own life, family, career for the next thrill and is coating and covering up deep seeded issues concerning their sexuality and self-concept riding a sex roll coaster that will derail and crash.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Power Tripping

The male gaze -- to objectify --- a power play -- to feel powerful over someone....
of course anyone power tripping deep down feels very powerless...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CityTime is The Tax Payer's Titanic

Last year I started making YouTubes on CityTime and SAIC -- NYC Gov and I came up with the term "The Tax Payer's Titanic".