Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Barbie Doll Syndrome -- I made this term up

I made up the Barbie doll syndrome up quite a long time ago to describe men that are abusive, controlling and always blame the victim.

They are very controlling, distort the truth and no intimacy with a woman is required for them to obsess, focus or fantasize about a woman and hope that she will be his living breathing barbie doll. Of course no woman could put up with this, at all or very long and a narcissist with a fragile ego could get violent especially if his "barbie" is not reflecting back what he wants or needs....

As I said no intimacy required.

He may start with just "words", a verbal assault or series of them blaming the woman and can escalate. The worst case scenario is murder.

Men suffering from The Barbie Doll Syndrome are misogynists.

They are narcissist, liars....they speak partial truths or flat out lies. They are very vain creatures and their focus on women -- weighing them and judging them, attempting to control them again is relief for their terrible flaws which they can't face and compensate with by being vain and obsessed with looks.

They hate themselves but focusing on a woman, attempting to control her is a vacation from their self hate....disparaging her, lying about her, blaming her is also a vacation from their self hate.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Christine Quinn, Mike Bloomberg's mini-me

Around NYC Christine Quinn is called "mini-me", a phrase I started using along with the mayor's puppet.

She did his bidding denying us a referendum and pushing a 3rd term through city council.

She had gotten big campaign donations from developers that look like kick-backs....

She caters to developers at the expense of the people.

Christine Quinn is Mike Bloomberg's mini-me.